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Nikki Lane, 'Highway Queen' (Live)

Approaching life with an eyes-wide-open, take-no-prisoners attitude, outlaw-country rocker Nikki Lane is a musician who's so spunky and so tough that there's nothing in the world that scares her. She's in charge of her own destiny and she does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. That's the persona she presents, anyway, in "Highway Queen," the title track from her new recording.

And it is a persona, Lane says. She created this invincible character to handle the challenges that come along with being on the road non-stop for weeks and months at a time — challenges no real human could handle.

It's hard to imagine Lane being nervous about anything. She's edgy and earnest when she sings, belting out the lyrics and telling the story with confidence, and there's a core of strength in her every guitar strum. But she says it was a bit daunting to walk into the studio earlier this year at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida without her band.

It was a stripped-down version of "Highway Queen" that Lane presented with her bandmate (and partner) Jonathan Tyler. She needn't have worried, though: The sound these two guitars and two voices make together is strong and self-assured. These two obviously believe in what they're doing — and, when you watch them in action, you will too.


  • "Highway Queen"
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