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Wilsen's Dreamy Bedroom Folk Steps Out Into The World

Wilson's debut album, <em>I Go Missing In My Sleep</em>, comes out April 28.
Wilson's debut album, <em>I Go Missing In My Sleep</em>, comes out April 28.

At SXSW a couple years back, Tamsin Wilson was a major revelation: a singer whose moody, calmly dreamy voice would sound amazing in just about any genre or context. Not surprisingly, that voice has since popped up all over the place, from a remix by Wye Oak to Honne's "Coastal Love" to a sample in a SBTRKT single. Still, it turns out Wilson is ideally suited as a bandleader — specifically as the singer in Wilsen, the group that (sort of) bears her name. Wilsen has already toured as an opener for its kindred spirits in Daughter, but 2017 ought to make it a headliner in its own right.

A Londoner now based in Brooklyn, Wilson sets her warm, approachable vocals against a spare but sparkling arrangement in the first single from Wilsen's full-length debut, I Go Missing In My Sleep. "Heavy Steps" is elegant but never overbearing, with a piano and strings employed to subtly soothing effect. In an email, Wilson describes the softly intoxicating song as "a reminder to look ahead, because sometimes it's all too easy to do the opposite."

I Go Missing In My Sleep comes out April 28 via Secret City.

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