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Songs We Love: Windy & Carl, 'Christmas Song'

Windy & Carl.
Windy & Carl.

There seems to always be a time during winter when snow falls in slow motion, gliding to earth like a parade of tiny white parachutes. Many people hope that time will fall on Christmas, but if you're not seeing white in your neck of the woods this weekend, you can at least recapture a bit of the feeling by listening to Windy & Carl's "Christmas Song." The pair's patient guitar strums and shoegazing reverberations cascade down like gentle weather, the kind that takes its time while you watch from the warmth of your window.

It's unclear how "Christmas Song" connects literally to the holidays, as Windy Weber's words aren't easy to make out through the music's lush, hazy atmosphere. But the simple melody of her vocals, along with the hint of jingling bells in the background, makes the tune feel a little like a lost Christmas carol: faded with time, but still echoing lightly through the winter air. "Christmas Song" ends with a stretch of low-toned, dissolving guitar, but this denouement is not melancholy. It feels more like the satisfaction of crawling into bed after another Christmas, ready to count down the days until the next set of chiming guitar chords comes calling.

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