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Watch Eskimeaux Play Two New Songs Live

On weekends, I love to cook and listen to records. It's a ritual that began out of a necessity for meditation from the week — minding a pot of grits and sipping tea while Neil Young or Leon Thomas LPs spin in the background.

#WAXnEGGS is an Instagram hashtag that pairs these passions, and, in the grand tradition of memes becoming coffee-table books, this year NPR Music turned it into a show, featuring live music and my amateur kitchen skills. Maybe you've seen a few of these pop up on Facebook: PWR BTTM, William Tyler, Vagabon and Waxahatchee and Allison Crutchfield, to name a few.

Japanese Breakfast and Eskimeaux are doing a short tour together right now, round-robin style, with Michelle Zauner and Gabrielle Smith swapping songs and stories. They stopped by my home in Washington, D.C. to make heukimjajuk (black sesame porridge) and play music, including two new songs from Eskimeaux: "Tour Mate Sex Dream" and "Rearview." You can watch that video above.

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