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Watch Caroline Smith Perform Live In The Studio

It's not often that TLC's CrazySexyCool gets tossed around as a major influence on an indie-folk songwriter from Detroit Lakes, Minn. So when Caroline Smith and her bandmates (drummer Arlen Peiffer and bassist Jesse Schuster) decided to record Half About Being A Woman, an album of pop songs steeped in the throwback R&B and soul that populates Smith's personal record collection, it felt like a huge risk.

But her fans went for it, and the result sounded great. Smith and her fans came to realize that it was the most honest she'd ever been with her songs; she'd sharpened an assertive feminist voice and was having a blast doing it. Here, Smith and her band bring that energy to Wisconsin Public Radio's Set List for a performance of album standout "Bloodstyle."

Set List

  • "Bloodstyle"
  • Find Caroline Smith's complete Set List session at wpr.org.

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