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Viking's Choice: Pinkwash, 'Burning Too'


What the hell even is Pinkwash? A punk duo with a thing for stoner-rock riffs? A prog duo that paradoxically meditates on two obliterating power chords? A noisy math-rock duo that can't help but throw in a pop hook? After a cassette EP and 7", the Philly band's proper debut album Collective Sigh answers at least one question: Pinkwash is all about full-contact catharsis.

The heaving, two-minute "Burning Too" is a squirrely-eyed barnstormer, with powerhouse drumming by Ashley Arnwine, whirring keyboards and single-string riffs from Joey Doubek. The song continues previous lyrical themes (addressing the death of Doubek's mother from breast cancer), but with less rage at the medical system and more focusing on coping, even as Doubek yells, "I've burned all your bedsheets / Or I'll burn when I sleep / Like you, we're burning, too."

Collective Sigh comes out May 13 on Don Giovanni.

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