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Glassjaw Returns With 'New White Extremity'

"New White Extremity" will appear on Glassjaw's as-yet-untitled third LP.
"New White Extremity" will appear on Glassjaw's as-yet-untitled third LP.

In the early 2000s, Glassjaw was a square peg in a round hole — a dynamic post-hardcore band pitched to a mainstream audience caught somewhere between spiky-haired aggro-metal and swoop-haired screamo. Still, Glassjaw's New York hardcore bona fides were hard to dispute, Daryl Palumbo's nerve-wracking voice could shred and salve on a dime, and the band's melodic subversion and occasional Latin rhythms flew Faith No More's freak flag while also throwing down some grooves. Oh, and Vincent Gallo gave a very Gallo-esque performance in one of Glassjaw's music videos.

But there hasn't been a full-length Glassjaw album since 2002's Worship And Tribute. There have been other projects and fits of touring since — the sporadic activity due mostly to Palumbo's ongoing issues with Crohn's Disease — but the speculation around a new record has circulated as far back as 2006. Well, now we have the promise of a new, as-yet-untitled record, with no release date, no label information and no band lineup other than founding guitarist Justin Beck. But we do have a new song and this explanation from Palumbo: "This is a song about walking out of your front door. Thanks for the [patience] and we hope you enjoy." Unlike 2011's musically voracious Coloring Book EP, "New White Extremity" captures Glassjaw at its most feral.

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