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Natasha Kmeto, 'I Thought You Had A Boyfriend'

As icy synths undulate like black silk in slow motion, electronic producer Natasha Kmeto sings in a brassy alto, "I thought you had a boyfriend / I thought you had a man / I thought it wasn't like that / I thought you had a plan." Her words are at once accusatory and alluring: She's got one foot out the door as she seemingly demands that you leave everything (and that other person) behind. "I Thought You Had A Boyfriend" is a romance steeped in mixed signals, but it's hot, too.

Director Max Miller's black-and-white video features Kmeto (sporting hometown love for the Portland Trailblazers) and some trippy water cinematography. It largely works as a screen test for a body-positive array of dancers and models who look cooler than most of us could even aspire to be, as they steam up an already-steamy affair.

Inevitable is out now on Dropping Gems.

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