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Folk Alley Presents: The Suitcase Junket, 'Earth Apple'

Vermont native Matt Lorenz is the man behind the one-man band known as The Suitcase Junket. It's a project that evolved from his other "roots-rock/junk-folk" band, the trio Rusty Belle, in which he played alongside his sister, Kate Lorenz, and Zak Trojano. With 1950s amps and a guitar he'd salvaged from a Dumpster — plus an old oversize suitcase he plays with his heel as a bass drum, a baby shoe (his baby shoe) hitting a gas can, a cooking pot, a circular saw blade and a box of bones and silverware for added percussion — Lorenz creates a sound like no other. All that, and he writes clever, memorable songs, too.

The Suitcase Junket stopped by Folk Alley for a session taping at Beehive Productions in September, en route to the Otis Mountain Get Down in northern New York. Here, he performs "Earth Apple" from his latest album, Make Time.


  • "Earth Apple"
  • Watch The Suitcase Junket's full Folk Alley Session at FolkAlley.com.

    Video produced by Linda Fahey (Folk Alley) and Jeff Oehler and Sue Bibeau (Beehive Productions) with audio assistance from Redia Spada and camera assistance from Jeff Bradley.

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