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All Songs At 15: The Lost Beatles Tapes

Tomorrow, Oct. 9, would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday. So for this week's Throwback Thursday we're sharing a live webcast we did about The Beatles back in February of 2003. At the time, police in Amsterdam had just discovered a bunch of incredibly rare tapes that were stolen from The Beatles and had been missing for 30 years. So we had author Bruce Spizer in to talk about the newly recovered recordings. Bruce wrote The Beatles On Apple Records, and his conversation with host Bob Boilen dug deep into the Beatles' legacy and explained the history of the lost tapes.

I remember losing sleep in the days leading up to the webcast because I was so terrified about whether it would work. It did work, but it was basically just two guys sitting in a studio staring at each other, listening to beloved songs and chatting, for two whole hours. Not the most thrilling production. A lot of people in the relatively new and small All Songs Considered audience were still on dial-up, so the audio was mono and the streaming video pretty lame. But it was an exciting expansion of how we thought about All Songs Considered and what we were able to do.

For a sample of how All Songs' live offerings have grown, try one of our live concert webcasts.

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