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WPR's Set List Presents: J.E. Sunde

J.E. Sunde is a native of Wisconsin who lives in Minneapolis. He loves music enough to clean houses in between tours, and he's cool with that. After 10 years of leading his college band, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, he also knows how to be a pro at this music stuff: He walked into the WPR studios wearing a T-shirt, but he switched to his "gig" shirt before we started recording. (He no doubt has a closet full of them.)

Sunde's 2014 solo album, Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God, embraces his influences more than his fiercely original Daredevil work ever did, and he's cool with that, too. It's a record full of smart, bouncy, Paul Simon-y folk-pop, performed with the earnestness of Jonathan Richman. Watch Sunde's stripped-down take on "Easy Kid" here.


  • "Easy Kid"
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