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New Holiday Mountain Video: 'Getting Really Freaky' Not Optional

Bumper stickers say "Keep Austin Weird," but Texas band Holiday Mountain has a different agenda for its hometown — at least according to its latest single, "Get Really Freaky." And if the song's new video is any indication, resistance is futile.

The futuristic, genre-bending group, who entered last year's Tiny Desk Concert Contest, spend the course of the clip subjecting unsuspecting cowboys and businessmen to varying degrees of freakiness. It might look like chaos, but frontwoman Laura Patiño says in an email that she and director Ryan Orenstein saw a method to the madness:

"Get Really Freaky" was inspired by different female role models in my life who showed strength and courage in the face of circumstances that were compromising and ultimately keeping them from being able to find their own unique happiness. Everyone deserves a chance to get in touch with their inner desires, their inner freakiness, and live a life that feels fulfilling to them as a unique individual. Working with director Ryan Orenstein was proof to me that we can break down the invisible walls society puts around us at anytime, we can let go of fear, and we can truly feel alive.

"Get Really Freaky" is a colorful, spirited introduction to one of Austin's most colorful, spirited bands.

Holiday Mountain's record You Be You (Pt 1) is out now.

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