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Pleasure Leftists' 'Protection' Proves That Gloom Can Be Thrilling

Pleasure Leftists.
Pleasure Leftists.

Gloom can be thrilling. No, really. Rev up a morose guitar riff swirled in reverb with a mean rhythm section, and suddenly a dank basement show throbs. That's where Cleveland's Pleasure Leftists thrive, with former members of the hardcore bands 9 Shocks Terror and Homostupids joined by vocalist Haley Morris.

After a series of singles and EPs, "Protection" comes from the post-punk band's debut album, The Woods Of Heaven. It's a moody, relentlessly driving track with some glammy, palm-muted flair, spun out of orbit by a warbly bass line and vocals that wail sky-high.

The Woods Of Heaven comes out Aug. 21 on Deranged. Pleasure Leftists will begin a tour today.

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