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Songs We Love: All Dogs, 'That Kind Of Girl'

All Dogs.
All Dogs.

Punk is not typically where one turns for mature thoughts on self-care and ending relationships in a healthy manner. But Columbus, Ohio quartet All Dogs is not where one turns for typical punk. The band makes punk music, but calls its songs "loud pop songs," and that's exactly right, too. The vehicle is loud guitar, unpolished but affecting vocals and fuzzy garage drums, but the destination is upbeat, catchy anthems with lyrics that are destined to be memorized before the end of the song.

"That Kind of Girl," off All Dogs' debut full-length, Kicking Every Day, is the best of both worlds. The opening guitar lick sounds as sunny as the sunniest Best Coast song, with power and propulsion behind it. And the lyrics, which offer an ex-lover a generous out and good wishes despite obvious character flaws, are thoughtful and mature and simultaneously simple and catchy. The balance is equal parts impressive and intoxicating.

Kicking Every Day is out August 28 on Salinas Records.

LANGUAGE ADVISORY: This song contains profanity.

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