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Song Premiere: Sharkmuffin, 'Mondays'

Alexandra Citrin
Courtesy of the artist

**Language advisory: This track contains language that may be offensive to some**

Sharkmuffin are either the most glam garage band around, or the grungiest glam band around. The Brooklyn trio of Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch and Sharif Mekawy (with former Hole drummer Patty Schemel) deliver their music mostly in the form of brief, rollicking, feminist firecrackers. Sharkmuffin self-describes as "noise punk meets psychedelic power pop" — and while the pop shimmer isn't readily visible on the band's debut album, Chartreuse, it's coated thick on the beachy vocals of "Mondays," which we're premiering here.

"Mondays" is all forward motion and shredding guitar line, but it doesn't topple into chaos. The band kicks down the song's doors in its opening riff, sends a fierce message of dismissal to their unfortunate subject, and leaves their amps hot after two and a half minutes. It'd leave you breathless if you weren't humming along.

Chartreuse is out August 7 on State Capital/Little Dickman Records.

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