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First Watch: Young Galaxy, 'New Summer'

The latest video for the Canadian electro-pop band Young Galaxy is a study in stark, disturbing contrasts. "Here it comes again, the beautiful, warm weather," sings frontwoman Catherine McCandless, just as all hell breaks loose.

McCandless says the seemingly big-budget spectacle is meant to ask fans to rethink the meaning of the song. "The video for 'New Summer' came out of many wine-fueled, philosophical discussions about the nature of videos and their role, and how a lot of modern videos miss the mark by failing to add anything of substance to the song," says McCandless in an email. "Director, Ivan Grbovic agreed we should try to make a video that is ambitious and intelligent, or not bother making one at all. This was achieved through no small feat, as Ivan had to assemble a large team of post-production wizards in order to create the dazzling epic you see before you."

"New Summer" appears on Young Galaxy's fourth and latest full-length, Ultramarine, out this spring on Paper Bag Records.

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