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First Watch: STRFKR, 'Beach Monster'

The new video for STRFKR's song "Beach Monster" is an absolute horror show disguised as a breezy day at the sea. The band members, decked out in matching Buddy Holly suits and glasses, play against an blank blue background while staring blankly into the camera. The scene is intercut with a smiling couple at the beach with two children who draw in the sand and uncover something deadly.

"I'm a big fan of contrast in film and the art of leading the audience into something they might not otherwise be ready for," says director Joshua Cox in an email. "Directors like Hitchcock and Polanski, [films] that start out like romantic comedies or sweet dramas, and turn into carnage and chaos in such a graceful way. The art of leading an audience into an enjoyable minefield. It was a bit challenging to do it with a song just over two minutes. I think it was a great exercise for learning how to communicate a message with an economy of scenes."

"Beach Monster" is from STRFKR's latest album, Miracle Mile, out now on Polyvinyl Records.

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