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The NPR Music Holiday Gift Wish List

What do <em>you</em> want for the holidays?
What do <em>you</em> want for the holidays?

We at NPR Music spend most of our days listening to music, thinking about music, writing about it, arguing with each other over it, calling the people who made it to ask them about their work, enthusing over songs, griping about albums. Our thirst for the new and the intriguing and the great is insatiable. And every year at about this time try to we sum up a fruitful year of listening in our best-of-the-year bonanza.

But it is also at this time that we begin to realize we didn't get everything we wanted this year. Albums were delayed, bands broke up. We are inexplicably hanging on to headphones that are not getting the job done. We didn't treat ourselves enough.

So we thought, as the gift-giving season commences, that we'd shoot for the moon. We asked ourselves: What is the one music-related wish that could make 2012 even better? For some people that wish would be practical. For others, fantastical. And some of us would prefer to torture ourselves. There's a chance, though, that our wants will help with your needs — a thoughtful gift for the would be record label owner in your family, the Verdi-obsessive at the dinner table or the marathon runner in your family. And tell us, what are you asking for this year?

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