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Vote For The Albums Everyone Can Love, For Aug. 8

We started this series of polls, like so many of the things we write and think about, with a simple water cooler conversation. After learning that the entire NPR music team loved Paul Simon's Graceland, we began to wonder whether it's possible to make a top ten list of albums everyone can agree on.

So for several weeks now we've been throwing out lists of albums and asking you whether you love (or haven't really heard) them. It is, as many people have rightly noted in the comments section, totally unscientific. But it's really just a chance for everyone to think about the albums they love most, discover ones they haven't heard before, and have a little fun.

In that spirit, here's this week's poll. Throughout this series we've aimed for a mix of obvious classics, some mega-selling pop records, lesser-known-but-loved albums and the occasional oddball, mostly in rock, pop, folk, hip-hop, soul, R&B and jazz. All of the albums in this week's poll are from listener suggestions.

We do read comments and take them to heart, so please keep your feedback and suggestions coming.

We've given ourselves the summer (up until late Sep.) to consider a whole bunch of albums. We will, of course, miss thousands of records along the way, but we hope to end up with a top ten list everyone (or at least most of us) can love.

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