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Vote For The Albums Everyone Can Love, For July 10

We continue our search this week for the top ten records everyone can love with a look back at last week's poll results. If you heard last week's All Songs Considered, Bob Boilen bet me that more people would love Nick Drake's Pink Moon than The White Stripes' White Blood Cells. Here are the results:

Nick Drake's Pink Moon: 52 percent love it, 9 percent don't, and 39 percent haven't heard it.

The White Stripes' White Blood Cells: 60 percent love it, 17 percent don't, and 23 percent haven't heard it.

Clearly I schooled Bob, again. The thing is, as Bob points out on this week's show, if you toss out the percentage of people who haven't even heard the records, then you actually get 85 percent who love Nick Drake, and only 78 percent who loved White Blood Cells.

Anyway ... here's this week's poll. Just tell us whether or not you love the albums listed, or haven't heard them.

If you haven't heard some of these albums, check them out in our Spotify playlist. I'm particularly alarmed that a whopping 62 percent of you have never heard T. Rex's Electric Warrior. Trust me on this one: If you haven't heard it, listen. Now.

As always, tell us in the comments section if there's a record you'd like us to feature on future polls.

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