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KSUT 90.1 FM signal update, February 19; listening options


February 19, 2021 update: Today KSUT received the connectors required to hopefully repair the damaged antenna feedline. Rob Rawls will be joined by a technician from Visionary Broadband on Monday to attempt the repair. Replacing the entire feedline may be necessary, but difficult at this time of year as it runs over 30' underground from the building to our tower, and approx 80' up the tower to the antenna. We hope to have good news for you on Monday - wish us luck!

KSUT's 90.1 FM signal has been off the air since the night of February 5. Winter conditions and logistics initially delayed our diagnostics and repair.

A snowcat accidently hit our tower and damaged the antenna feedline, causing the transmitter to shut down. The actual transmitter has been tested and is working. The antenna feedline is pressurized with nitrogen gas to keep it dry. The damage to the feedline released the nitrogen (pressure gauge is on empty), and automatically shut down the transmitter which requires 50 Ohms to operate.

We are visiting the tower site today with help from our friends from Visionary Broadband and working on possible options for repair. Thanks for your continued patience as we work to resolve this issue. 

In the meantime, listeners can stream us on their desktop, phone or mobile device with our new Air Pocket Player by TUNING IN ONLINE HERE. If you're using an Alexa or smart speaker, ask it to play "FOUR CORNERS PUBLIC RADIO". We also serve Durango on 89.3 FM, depending on your location.