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KSUT Premiums: Something for Everyone

The KSUT closets are filled to bursting with t-shirts, hats and CDs. Your pledge of support to KSUT gets your pick!

Your pledge of $240 ($20 a month)
KSUT is excited to offer our poly-blend, pre-shrunk, butter-soft hoodie for your donation of $240 ($20 a month) or more.

Your pledge of $144 ($12 a month)
Have a birthday, anniversary, memorial or other occasion that you'd like to honor on the air? For your sustaining membership of only $12 a month or more, our Membership Manager will assist you in creating a script for the KSUT DJ's to read several times throughout your special day.

Your pledge of $120 ($10 a month)
Preparing for a little outside playtime? Pledge $10 a month today, and protect yourself from the sun for many days with a KSUT hat.

Your pledge of $120 ($10 a month)
Whether you're hitting the trails or hanging with friends you'll be looking hip in our new KSUT Castro hat. Don't need a new hat? No worries, we have a washable canvas tote bag you can take to the grocery store, the lake, or even to work.

Your pledge of $120 ($10 a month)
It's August and it's HOT. Stay hydrated with our super cool 22 oz. stainless steel water bottle. For only $10 a month this stylish personal hydration unit could be yours. But its just for sipping; this beauty doesn't want to be microwaved, washed in a dishwasher, frozen, or filled with hot liquids!

Your pledge of $84 ($7 a month)

When you donate to KSUT you're not just a donor, you're a member of our family. For only $7 a month you can request a 100% cotton T-shirt to show your support for our programming.


Pick these great premiums for supporting KSUT! Click here to donate. Or call 970-563-0255. Thank you!

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