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The KSUT Sunday Special Celebrates Rivers


Join us Sunday afternoon at 5 for an hour stories from the moving waters.

Rivers feed us in all ways, literal and figurative. Especially here in the Four Corners.

Join us this Sunday afternoon at 5 for Re:Sound's Rivers Show. We'll wind our way down the Green, the Ganges and the Chicago rivers, for solace, spiritual healing and of course, total domination.

Among the stories we'll hear:

Two men's troubles and tragedies find respite in the raging rapids of Cataract Canyon, on the Green River in Utah.

The Ganges, a 1,500-mile river that flows through Northern India, is a place where people bathe, wash clothes and pray. It is also where waste lines pour out sewage every day. Producer Phoebe Judge travels to the city of Varanasi, where she meets people who live along the Ganges River and want to clean it up.

And, Chicago’s biggest design achievement isn’t the architectural wonders that rise high above the city's lakefront and river — it’s the Chicago River itself.

Join us for Re:Sound's Rivers Show, this Sunday afternoon at 5 on the KSUT Sunday Special.  

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