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Could Our Universe Be a Fake?


New public radio series 'Closer to Truth' explores humanity’s deepest questions. Hear the first episode this Sunday afternoon at 5 on KSUT.

KSUT welcomes the 11-part public radio series Closer to Truth to the KSUT Sunday Special. You'll hear the episodes periodically over the next few months, along with other great radio specials and documentaries.

Closer to Truth is the companion radio piece to the ongoing PBS series of the same name. Each episode looks at the vital ideas of our Existence, the Cosmos, Consciousness, Meaning, and Religion.

The show features interviews and insights with the world's leading thinkers, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, philosophers, theologians, and others.

Closer to Truth examines some of humanity's deepest questions, including: How vast is our Universe? What is time? Can the brain explain the mind? Are their multiple universes? Do science and religion conflict? And does God exist in our outside of time?

On this week's show (April 3): The idea that we might encounter aliens seems like the stuff of science fiction, but the possibilities demand serious thought. Could our existence be part of a computer game run by unknown creatures? Could our universe be a fake? Since most scientists feel the universe must contain alien civilizations, why can’t we see any? Where are they, all those aliens?

Join us for Closer to Truth, this Sunday afternoon at 5 on the KSUT Sunday Special.

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