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KSUT Friday Signal Update: 90.1 down, stream us on our new player

Mark Duggan

Friday Update: Thursday's trip to KSUT's tower site revealed what we believe to be the cause of our 90.1 signal outage.  It appears that a snowcat, or other machinery backed into our tower and crushed the antenna feedline, causing the transmitter to shut down.  The feedline is visibly damaged and there were tracks in the snow indicating the collision. The actual transmitter has been tested and is working. The antenna feedline is pressurized with nitrogen gas to keep it dry. The damage to the feedline released the nitrogen (pressure gauge is on empty), and automatically shut down the transmitter which requires 50 Ohms to operate. We are looking at the possibility of patching the feedline temporarily or relocating a spare antenna on another company's tower for the time being. A permanent fix will likely take some time. Thanks for your continued patience as we work to resolve this issue. 

In the meantime, listeners can stream us on their desktop, phone or mobile device with our new Air Pocket Player by TUNING IN ONLINE HERE. If you're using an Alexa or smart speaker, ask it to play "FOUR CORNERS PUBLIC RADIO". We also serve Durango on 89.3 FM, depending on your location.

Wednesday/Thursday update: Thanks for your continued patience with our 90.1 outage. No changes to report today other than we'll be back at our Missionary Ridge tower tomorrow (Thurs) for troubleshooting and diagnostics on a damaged antenna located 100' up on the tower. 

For people missing KSUT in their cars, please try 89.3 FM. While it's primarily a downtown Durango signal, it does travel. Staff have been listening to it on the commute from Durango to Ignacio this week. Please note that there are other options for listening to KSUT below:

Tuesday update: Yesterday we were able to access KSUT's Missionary Ridge Tower site by snowmobile. Unfortunately there was no magic switch to flip to turn 90.1 back on. The technical issue appears to be a damaged antenna, located 100 feet up on the tower. This will require a tower climber to help troubleshoot and do testing. This process will take some time due to snow, weather and logistics. We will do everything possible to expedite the needed repairs and get 90.1 back on the air. Please note that there are other options for listening to KSUT below.

Monday update:  Thanks to the help and generosity of Randle Taylor of Taylor Electric, today our engineers are more likely to reach our Missionary Ridge tower site on his snowmobiles.  We suspect equipment failure is the issue for 90.1 FM, and will keep you advised.

Sunday update: The good news is our engineers were able to get us back on the air in Farmington and Montezuma County yesterday. Our challenge is still 90.1 FM. We’re attempting to reach our Missionary Ridge tower site today, as it appears we have equipment failure. Accessibility is difficult due to snow.

Saturday update: KSUT's 90.1 FM is off the air this morning, also affecting other frequencies around the region. In Durango you can tune in to 89.3 FM. And of course we are streaming worldwide at ksut.org. Thanks for your patience!