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Colorado River District official discusses efforts to conserve the river's water

A diversion canal off the Colorado River in southern Arizona.
Kirk Siegler/NPR
A diversion canal off the Colorado River in southern Arizona.

Last week, the Delta Conservation District held its annual report and presentation on the Colorado River in Delta, Colorado. KVNF's Cassie Knust followed up with Dave Kanzer, director of Science and Interstate Matters for the Colorado River District, about his report on the river as it pertains to water supply, recreation and the environment. A lot is happening with the Colorado River outside the agreement recently made between seven basin states to operate the two largest reservoirs.

The agreement entails maintaining minimum water levels and power production for around 40 million people relying on the Colorado River. To accomplish these goals, the reservoirs are conducting reduced releases from Lake Meade and some reduced consumptive use. That means decreased agricultural use, especially in the lower basin, which is made up of three states: Arizona, Nevada and California. Kanzer says this is good news for Colorado.
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Cassie Knust
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