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KSUT welcomes singer-songwriter Sarah Borges for a virtual live session, Thursday at 1:30 PM

Sarah Borges
Sarah Borges will join Chris Aaland for a virtual live KSUT session, Thursday, August 18 at 1:30 PM and is in the lineup for the Four Corners Folk Festival.

Boston-based singer-songwriter Sarah Borges will join host Chris Aaland for a virtual live Zoom session Thursday, 8/18 at 1:30 PM. She'll also join us live on Reservoir Hill in Pagosa Springs for the 26th Annual Four Corners Folk Festival over Labor Day weekend.

Her aptly named new album, “Together Alone,” was an artistic outcome of the pandemic with a true-life twist on the old saying, “when life gives you lemons …”, a homebound Borges did the one thing she knew how to do better than almost anything else. She picked up her guitar and started writing songs such as “Wasting My Time,” which serves as a thematic linchpin of sorts for the new album.

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