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Top Stories: Romney, Obama Spar; Fierce Fighting In Damascus

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- New Week, Same Argument: Romney, Obama & Who's Being Dishonest.

-- Military Chief's Removal, Rise In Hemlines: Hopeful Signs In North Korea?

-- Retail Sales Dip For Third Straight Month, But Are Still Up From Year Earlier.

-- Here's A Scoop: When News Breaks, People Check YouTube For Videos.

Some other stories making news:

-- "Fierce Fighting In Damascus — Live Updates." (The Guardian)

-- Russian Foreign Minister Accuses West Of "Blackmail" Over Syrian Sanctions. (BBC News)

-- "Microsoft, NBC Call It Quits; Dissolve MSNBC.com." (The Associated Press)

-- Egyptian Protesters Chant "Monica, Monica, Monica," Throw Tomatoes And Shoes As Secretary Of State Clinton's Motorcade Passes. (CNN.com)

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