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John Doe And The Sadies: Old Favorites

One night in Canada, punk rocker turned country star John Doe of X shared the stage with The Sadies, a Canadian outfit that doubles as Neko Case's backing band. That same night, the joint venture John Doe And The Sadies was born.

Country Club, the album resulting from their collaboration, was released in April, and features a mix of classic cover songs, with hints of modern hits. The group's vintage country feel may have been an accident, but it's an accident worth celebrating.

In this session with World Cafe, the group's members explain how the joint venture resulted from a drunken promise between labelmates. They also discuss the thought process behind the selection of songs on their album.

"While we haven't re-invented the wheel," Doe says, "we have created a cohesiveness between several hit country-and-western singles and our own styles."

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