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Here We Go Magic: Agreeably Imperfect

Here We Go Magic is the most recent creation of critically acclaimed Brooklyn songwriter Luke Temple. Temple created the band's self-titled album on his own before recruiting musicians Peter Hale, Michael Bloch, Kristina Lieberson and Jennifer Turner.

His solo debut, Snowbeast, placed Temple neatly in the singer-songwriter category, but he sheds that reputation with the Afrobeat- and krautrock-influenced sound of his new project. Here We Go Magic's self-titled disc was developed over the course of two months of stream-of-consciousness home recording, giving it an agreeably imperfect quality.

The group's lo-fi sound can be deceiving: Songs like "Tunnelvision" seemingly build a stairway to infinity, all the while remaining focused and in control. In this World Cafe session, Temple talks about the creation of his new band.

"It's an ever-evolving thing," he says. "It's really great."

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