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Indigo Girls: Uplifting Harmonies

More than 20 years since they started making music, Indigo Girls' members still exude a passion that never subsides. The folk-pop duo's new release, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, is the first on their independent label, IG Recordings; it finds the duo exploring new melodic and rhythmic territory. Even when they were associated with major labels, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers always retained an independent feel, with crisp guitar playing and intertwined vocal harmonies.

Recorded over the course of three weeks in Atlanta, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug focuses on a rich mix of textures. Though the album is still built on a foundation of folk and Americana, it finds the group incorporating a bluesier R&B feel. In a session with World Cafe host David Dye, Ray and Saliers discuss their early years and their recent decision to forgo a full band in favor of an acoustic sound.

This segment originally aired April 21, 2009.

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