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Howe Gelb: Exploring The Desert

For more than 20 years, Howe Gelb has experimented with a mash-up of southwestern roots music and lo-fi country as the creative force behind the band Giant Sand. Besides leading that group, Gelb is a member of OP8, created Calexico and owns the label Ow Om. His genre-blending sound has been embellished with the creative input of artists such as Neko Case and M. Ward.

proVISIONS, Giant Sand's latest, is an unpredictable collection of gritty cowboy rock, inspired by the Arizona desert Gelb calls home. Recorded in Denmark, the album explores melodic variations, atmospheric sounds and improvisational musings.

In a session with host David Dye, Gelb talks about family life in Tucson, his 25 years of touring, and how the two branches of his life intersect.

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