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DeVotchKa: Songs For A Flying Circus

With raucous music that combines Slavic, Russian and Gypsy roots with American punk and folk, the Denver-based band DeVotchKa has found widespread support for its Academy Award-nominated soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine. Its four members pick up at least a dozen instruments and borrow freely from many musical worlds on their new record, A Mad and Faithful Telling.

DeVotchKa's range of instruments and influences has allowed the band to create a unique sonic blend. Marked by a broad orchestral sweep and catchy pop melodies, the group's eclectic polka-rock could have been lifted from an Eastern European flying circus. But its new album is also surprisingly warm and accessible for a band that got its start backing up burlesque shows.

During this session with host David Dye, singer Nick Urata talks about crafting DeVotchKa's breakthrough film soundtrack, as well as his admiration for Frank Sinatra, whose songs the band often covers.

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