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BLK JKS: Rebellious Dub-Rock

The Johannesburg-based rock band BLK JKS prompted glowing word of mouth in the world of music blogs. An avant-garde group in the best sense of the word, BLK JKS crafts a chaotic sound that's impossible to pin to one genre: psychedelic rock, jazz, blues, metal or reggae. The group crams it all into an undeniably catchy African dub-rock mix that spins out of control, but never quite spills over the edge.

With the help of Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines, BLK JKS recorded its first studio EP, Mystery, in 2008. In it, the band's whirlwind sound has a structured jazz feel. With layered guitars and hectic percussion drives, the music brings life to Lindani Buthelezi's philosophical lyrics.

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