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The Nightwatchman: Songs of Rage and Fury

Tom Morello, a.k.a. The Nightwatchman.
Tom Morello, a.k.a. The Nightwatchman.

Tom Morello, former guitarist of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, has long been known for his outspoken lyrics and unique delivery. Created out of a desire to return to activism in his music, his solo alter ego The Nightwatchman follows a similar formula, but with a stripped-down folk sound.

Inspired by early Bob Dylan and reactions to the Bush administration, Morello began appearing as The Nightwatchman in 2003, playing small gigs in California before participating in the Tell Us the Truth Tour, a series of concerts designed to raise awareness about the 2004 presidential election. Morello spent much of 2006 recording his first album, One Man Revolution, released in April. Self-described as "the black Robin Hood of 21st-century music," the album features socially and politically charged acoustic folk songs that address issues of globalization, terrorism, torture and civil liberties.

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