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Of Cataclysm and Idealism

Jan 30, 2017
The Tuesday Agency

Author Craig Childs, on his latest book 'Apocalyptic Planet.' Childs spoke in Durango recently. He shared some insights on how the planet will end, and why we all have reason for optimism.

Courtesy of Jonathan Thompson

KSUT spoke to Thompson a few months ago about the debate over how to manage a large area of federal land in southeast Utah. We revisit the interview in the wake of President Obama's recent declaration of the land as Bear's Ears National Monument.


Noted author Scott Thybony has traveled throughout the country on assignment for magazines such as Outside, Smithsonian, and National Geographic.

La Plata County Clerk & Recorder Tiffany Parker talks to KSUT about what to expect on this year's ballot.

Tracking Durango's Bears

Sep 22, 2016

State wildlife researcher Heather Johnson talks to KSUT about multi-year study of bruins and their behavior.

Run and walk charts course along Animas River Trail.

Off-Broadway story of World Trade Center first responders set to be staged at Durango's Community Concert Hall this weekend.

We spoke to O'Connor a few days ahead of his appearance at the Four Corners Folks Festival

The Big Easy 'supergroup' plays Durango Friday night.

Mountains and Deserts Meet for R. Carlos Nakai

Aug 19, 2016
R. Carlos Nakai

We check in with the flute player, of Navajo-Ute heritage, as he brings his quartet to the DAC this weekend.

The comedienne, who appears in Durango this Friday, dishes on cat enzymes, T.S.A. patdowns, and her special brand of observational comedy.

“Action is Essential to the Hopeless Person”

Aug 15, 2016
James Q Martin

Durango-based author and climber Luke Mehall found himself stuck in a fog of existential depression in the late 1990s. He was young and abusing his share of substances. According to Mehall, he was bound to wind up dead or in jail. Then he discovered rock climbing.

Emily Schaldach, a pro cyclist and Durango native, was surprised to learn recently about the correlation between women's education in African, and its effect on population growth.


“I read interviews where girls could not make it to school if it had rained, because the river was too high and they couldn't swim well in their dresses,” said Schaldach.

The acclaimed musician and activist talks about hope and optimism, his new album Soulrocker, and his memories of the last time he played Durango.

A Look at the Bear's Ears National Monument Battle

Jul 26, 2016
Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson of High Country News tells KSUT's Mark Duggan that the debate over managing federal land in southeast Utah could soon come to a head with an executive order creating a national monument.

The Stooges Brass Band headline KSUT's Party in the Park this Saturday at Durango's Buckley Park. The New Orleans-based group fuses traditional brass band sounds with a dose of funk, R&B and hip-hop. Band co-founder Alfred Growe talked to KSUT's Mark Duggan from the Big Easy this week about what to expect from the show. In a word, fun!

Planning for the Future While Preserving the Past

Jun 17, 2016
Fort Lewis College

A KSUT interview with Shelby Tisdale, new Executive Director of the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College.

The Irish-American fiddler talked to KSUT's Mark Duggan ahead of her performance at the Pagosa Folk & Bluegrass Festival June 4.

We spoke with Croce about his cross-generational show mixing both his and his father's music. He'll appear Friday night in Durango.

Digging Into Horticulture Week in La Plata County

May 11, 2016

KSUT's Mark Duggan talks to Darrin Parmenter of the county extension office about some of the week's events, and the upcoming opening of the Durango Farmer's Market.

Hear an interview with the legendary singer. Collins played a sold-out show in Durango Saturday night.

A KSUT Interview With Johnny Clegg

Apr 19, 2016

We spoke with the South African musician ahead of his show in Durango tonight.

Masterworks Exhibit was a rare chance to see originals of iconic American images.


Show co-host talks to KSUT about exciting directions in Latin alternative music. Alt.Latino debuts this Friday night at 10 on KSUT.

David Feela On Writing, Ideas, and Inspiration

Feb 9, 2016

Durango Telegraph columnist a keen observer of life in the Four Corners.

Inside Food Security in the Four Corners

Dec 17, 2015
Mark Duggan

A conversation with Rachel Landis of the Fort Lewis College Environmental Center on fresh food supplies in the region.

John Robinette

Director Mary Monroe-Brown on the organization's history, trail restoration work, and youth programs.