Mizz Delia, I was Dreaming, Feature CD, 4/11

Apr 8, 2014

Anyone who has been to a pow-wow or round dance has likely heard of the talented singer and songwriter Delia Waskewitch, from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan.  Delia grew up in a musical family as her father played the guitar and sang in a band, her mother also sang however she sang in their home.  She remembers her mother singing and whistling while she cooked and cleaned.    Delia has been singing round dance and pow-wow music since 1988, in public.  She taught herself to play the guitar at the age of 17 years-old and continues to writes her own music.  In 1992 she met singer & songwriter, Dwayne Lewis and  joined his band "Young Country" for a short period.   Delia & the Waskewitch Boys composed two albums together, produced by Sweet Grass Records,  on both albums you can hear Delia's unforgettable harmony along with the strong and steady sound of the boys.  Delia has inspired  so many native women to sing and continue to sing,  she has brought on this eclectic recordings from some of the most well respected women singers of Saskatchewan and Alberta, Ladie's Night & Ladie's Night 2, produced by Drumhop Production.  Delia is also a World Champion back-up singer for Red Bull.  Composing her new album Mizz Delia, I was Dreaming was on a healing journey, about self love, about the mysteries of the world and about the beauty the world has to offer.  Please join us this Friday, April 11, 2014 at 12PM (MST) on Tribal Radio.  This CD was donated to the station by Delia Waskewitch.