Let Florence + The Machine's 'Hunger' Send You Screaming Into The Weekend

May 4, 2018

It's springtime, and depending on where you live, you've likely either already begun the year's first May weekend or are getting ready to set out into the world. The air hangs thick with anticipation, with hope, with pollen — these are heady times, and you need a song to mirror the intensity and wonder of it all.

Enter Florence + The Machine's "Hunger" (from High As Hope, a new album out June 29), which knows just how you feel. A soaring, searching anthem about loneliness and desire, "Hunger" expounds on the way everyone can feel like they're missing something. And, for anyone who opts to jam the song while prepping for an evening out (Welch sets the song on Friday night, right there in the chorus), it's full of affirmation: a celebration of "vibrant youth," connection, beauty, freedom, risk and, ultimately, self-worth.

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